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KRYPTONITE - 20 L pail (5.25 gal) Satin Black PART NO - 27920

Metal Treatment


Fast Dry, Heat Resistant Anti-Corrosion Primer Metal Treatment

• No Blistering, Chipping, Peeling, Rust Creepage Or Adhesion Loss
• Use As A Primer Or A Satin Black Finish Coat
• May Be Top Coated
• Low VOC

Kryptonite: The most robust steel protection available. A truly unique metal treatment that is applied like a paint but becomes part of the steel itself. Engineered and tested to last several decades. Even when steel is physically gouged the Kryptonite treatment will not bubble or flake or lift next to the exposed area indefinitely. Kryptonite is immune to salt spray corrosion, steel flexing and carbolic acids (exhaust fumes and acid rain). This ultra strong bond to steel is achieved through an electro chemical reaction. When dry, Kryptonite outlasts hot dipped galvanized, powder coating and epoxy coating. Kryptonite dries to an attractive satin black finish but if desired top coating and touch up may be done when dry with no recoat window. Kryptonite has a service range up to 800°F (350°C). It is solvent borne and offers extremely fast drying time as well as complete immunity to salt spray corrosion. This product will never flake or peel. Apply as directed to never see rust again.

• Automotive, Transportation, Heavy Equipment · Agricultural Equipment · Vehicle And Antique Restoration
• Architectural Structures And Focal Points
• Manufacturing, Industrial And Marine
• Propane And Fuel Storage Tanks

SKU: 27920

Metal Treatment