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Xtreme Clean – Industrial formula cleaner degreaser concentrate

  • Capable of replacing solvent degreasers.
  • versatile multi purpose cleaner designed for breaking down grease and oil.
  • For use on: machinery, floors, metal and non metal surfaces, cold tank soaking applications, commercial kitchenm industrial, automotive, construction equipment, marine, agriculture, floor scrubbers or any washable surface.
  • UL/ECO certified
  • Non flammable
  • non corrosive
  • non petroleum
  • non acid
  • non toxic to humans & aquatic life
  • non solvent
  • non caustic
  • biodegradable
  • concentrated for a better value
  • CFIA letter of No objection issued.
  • A heavy duty water based degreaser that can be used up to 1:200 dilution with water. Cost effective. Non flammable. no VOC. based on 100% plant based surfactants.
  • Free from phosphates, NPE, SLS and alcohol ethoxylates.
  • Non corrosive and no acids.
  • Cleans and degreases for all heavy duty industrial applications including oil rigs, felts & equipment in paper mills, waste management, rail, shipping, equipment and truck cleaning.
  • Can be used with parts washer application.
  • 1 pail Xtreme clean can clean to 3 pails water