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Pure Prep Etching cleaner for preparation of all metals for all paints and coatings 4L jug ( 1.06 gal ) 25904

User friendly, easy to apply.
No fumes
Wipe on / Wipe off applications.
Produces a clean etched paintable surface
Eliminates paint peeling and adhesion problems
A great alternative to sand blasting
Creates an ideal anchor pattern for coatings
Removes surface rust
Non toxic
Non flammable
Non Acid
Molecularly etches and degreases metal for all coating applications.
Water based, ready to use, replaces all solvents.
Completely removes dirt, grease & oil unlike solvents that spread or thin out oil.
Eliminates flash rusting for several weeks
A fraction of the cost of solvents with greater coverage.
Visually alters the apperance & texture of metal, enabling an easy method to ensure complete coverage.