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ORIGINAL PURPLE – 4 ltr jug (1.06 gal) PART NO-57604


• All Purpose Cleaning & Degreasing
• Biodegradable
• Effective For Cleaning Smoke, Grease and Oil Stains And Residue From All Surfaces
• Effective On A Wide Variety Of Surfaces Including Floors, Tubs, Sinks And Counter Tops
• Excellent For Detailing Vehicles Inside & Out
• Dilute 4:1 For Heavy Degreasing
• 10:1 For Hard Surface Cleaning
• UL/ECO Certified
• Non-Abrasive
• Non Toxic
• Non Flammable
• CFIA Letter Of No Objection Issued
• Effective Non Solvent Phosphate Free Cleaner
• Safest Quality Cleaning Product
• Used In Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines
• Can Be Used With Pressure Washer
• Used In Industrial, Marine, Farm, Automotive, Home & Public Service

ORIGINAL PURPLE removes grease, oil, stains, odors, smoke, food stains, mold, pet accidents, tar, wax, air borne dirt, sap and many others. Provides effective solvency and is an effective replacement to harmful butyl based cleaners.