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Orbit cutting oil plant based natural source ingredients 237 ml ( 8 fl oz ) bottle 42108

Low odor

Clear, Non-toxic

Non hazardous

Environmentally friendly
Non staining
No film breakdown
Lubricates under high pressure and heat
Maximizes wear resistance, increasing tool life
Slow speed cutting oil
Helps produce quality threads

Speeds up metal removal
Cuts cooler, reduces friction
Effective on : tool steel, brass, bronze, cast, stainless and other metals.
Use when threading, tapping, broaching, reaming
CFIA letter of no objection issued
Heavy duty metal working and cutting fluid
Odorless, user friendly & environmentally friendlier
Extends life and performance of metal cutting tips, jaws, blades and drills
Suitable for all metals
Excellent for pipe threading and steel sawing, drilling and tapping