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Nanolube Diesel Fuel treatment 20 ltr pail ( 5.25 gal ) 72520

Works to clean entire fuel system including high pressure fuel injectors

Nanolube is a concentrated, full spectrum fuel additive and combustion catalyst designed for use with diesel, bio-fuel, kerosene and heavy fuel oil
The formula has a treatment ratio of 1:2,500.
Its unique formulation eliminates tank sludge, improves mileage and clean burning combustion, reduces harmful emissions while improving lubricity, filter life and preventing corrosion to tanks and the entire fuel system.
Use nanolube everytime you fill up to :
Stabilizes, breaks down and removes sludge and slime from fuel.
4% to 8% better fuel economy
Eliminate carbon deposits
Cleans the tank, fuel lines and entire fuel injection system.
For low sulphur diesel fuels.
A performance additive to replace the lubricity of sulphur.
Contains a superior detergent to keep your entire fuel system clean.
Improves cetane.
Contains no alcohol
Treat rate: 535ml ( 18oz ) trats up to 800 litres ( 180 gallons )