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Nanoclean truck wash industrial strength power wash 205 ltr drum ( 54.16 gal ) 77245

Dilute upto 200:1
Cost effective
Fully biodegradable
No brushing required
Acid free
Removes Diesel soot, road grime and grease
safe on painted surfaces, rubber, vinyl, glass, plastic, and fibre glass.
Ideal for automated truck washers
Use on trucks, trailers, Heavy machinery, buses and equipment.
Excellent product for mobile wash business
A premium grade foaming heavy duty truck was designed to work in one application without brushing. Removes acid rain, Streaking, grime, bugs and difficult road film.
Formulated from a blend of alkaline builders, emulsifiers, water softeners and wetting agents.
No harsh caustics, Acids or solvents.
pH balanced.
Also ideal for washing equipment and buildings.