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NANOCLEAN TRUCK WASH – 4 ltr jug (1.06 gal) PART NO- 77204


• Dilution Up To 200:1
• Cost Effective
• Fully Biodegradable
• No Brushing Required
• Acid Free · Removes Diesel Soot, Road Grime And Grease
• Safe On Painted Surfaces, Rubber, Vinyl, Glass, Plastic And Fiberglass
• Ideal For Automated Truck Washers
• Compatible With Pressure Washers
• Use On Trucks, Trailers, Heavy Machinery, Buses And Equipment
• Excellent Product For Mobile Wash Business

A premium grade foaming heavy duty truck wash designed to work in one application without brushing. Removes acid rain, streaking, grime, bugs and difficult road film. Formulated from a blend of alkaline builders, emulsifiers, water softeners and wetting agents. No harsh caustics, acids or solvents. pH balanced. Also ideal for washing equipment and buildings.