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N.E.W. system sealant Resistance to harsh weather conditions 300ml ( 10.14oz ) tube ( white ) 50000

Low residual track
High strength with durable performance
Neutral, Odorless and fast curing
Good adhesion on many substrates without the use of primer.
Permanently elastic within temperatures from -40F to 212F
Paint compatible with most industrial paint or lacquer systems ( alkyd resin and dispersion based)
Effective above and below water.
Resistance to weathering
Permanent bonding
Gap filling
Won’t shrink or crack
Resistant to mold and mildew
Solvent, isocyanate, and pvc-free.
One of the newest sealant technologies.
Enable broad use in construction, industrial, DIY, automotive, marine and transportation markets.
Excellent adhesion and movement capabilities; good UV and heat stability.
N.E.W system sealant is a high quality adhesive and sealant based on Silyl modified polymer ( SMP ).
It is designed for making elastic construction joints that require high strength.
High green strength and with very good workability.