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Moovit – The High performance penetrating lubricant 350 g ( 14 oz ) aerosol 11014

  • Powerful, fast penetrating capillary action with secondary lubrication for corrosion prevention and protection.
  • loosens rusted, seized or frozen parts and assembles with ease.
  • eliminates squeaking and sticking.
  • ensures smooth operations of machinery and fine mechanism.
  • inverted spray valve 360. effective -40 C to 200 C.
  • Non drying light oily film that displaces moisture and reduces wear caused by friction for all indoor / outdoor application.
  • lasts in excess of 1 year without evaporation.
  • CFIA letter of no objection issued.
  • 100% active ingredients¬† – Non hazardous, None toxic, non solvent, non silicone, non flammable as liquid, non chlorinated, non conductive.
  • compatible with rubber, plastic, all metals and alloys, painted surfaces, electrical connections and carbon surfaces.
  • 1000’s of uses – corroded fasteners, bearings, valves, cables, dies, seized motors, pulleys, rollers, locks, clamps, fittings, hinges, latches, air tool oil, threading & tapping oil, engine storage lube.