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Lloyds Laboratories

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Moovit – 350 g aerosol




• Powerful Capillary Action For Fast Penetrating With Secondary Lubrication For Corrosion Prevention And Protection
• Loosens Rusted, Seized, Frozen Parts & Assemblies With Ease
•  Eliminates Squeaking & Sticking
• Ensures Smooth Operation Of Machinery And Fine Mechanisms
• Displaces Moisture, Inverted Spray Valve 360°, Effective -40°C To 200°C
•  Non Drying Light Oily Film That Reduces Wear Caused By Friction For All Indoor / Outdoor Applications
• Lasts In Excess Of 1 Year Without Evaporation
•  CFIA Letter Of No Objection Issued
•  User Friendly
• 100 % Active Ingredients – Non Hazardous, Non Toxic, Non Solvent, Non Silicone, Non Flammable As Liquid, Non Chlorinated, Non Conductive
• Compatible With Rubber, Plastic, All Metals & Alloys, Painted Surfaces, Electrical Connections, Carbon Surfaces
• 1,000’s Of Uses – Corroded Fasteners, Bearings, Valves, Cables, Dies, Seized Motors, Pulleys, Rollers, Locks, Clamps, Fittings, Hinges, Latches, Air Tool Oil, Threading & Tapping Oil, Engine Storage Lube
• 100 Plus Years Serving The – Industrial, Automotive & Fleet, Marine, Mining, Pulp & Paper, Fishing, Logging, Agriculture, Institutional Facility Maintenance, Construction, Hardware, Personal Markets