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Lloyds Laboratories

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LIME, CALCIUM & RUST REMOVER – 20 ltr pail (5.25 gal) PART NO 40020


• Contains No Phosphates
• Septic Safe · Descaler
• Aggressive
• Cleans & Dissolves Rust Stains
• Use In Dishwasher And Washing Machines
• CFIA Letter Of No Objection Issued

A cleaner that removes calcium, lime, rust and hard water scale without causing skin burns or lung irritation. Our cleaner is also non corrosive & non toxic meaning we’re non hazardous to your health. Great for shower stalls, toilets, sinks, tubs, porcelain, stucco, brick, efflorescence on brick, cement, coffee makers, coffee pots, pans, kettles, humidifiers & more!