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DE-ICE-IT concentrated aerosol de-icer 180g ( 8 oz ) aerosol 91999

effective to -40C
contains glycols to enhance effectiveness and reduce run off
DE-ICE-IT Quickly and effectively clears ice, snow and frost from car windows, mirrors, wiper blades, headlights, locks, etc.
Will not harm automotive finishes
Suitable for reaching high spots on commercial vehicles without the need to climb
Also suitable for de-icing refrigeration compressors
Large 8oz ( 180 grams ) aerosol with 360 valve and key slot adaptor.
A perfect lock maintenance pro-gram that will displace moisture, clean and flush the mechanism and leave behind a clean long lasting lubricant
Ideal for vehicles, padlocks and entry keysets.
Works in all temperatures
Each can works to inhibit ice formation in up to 50 locks