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Biological parts cleaner 20L pail ( 5.25 gal ) part number 82420

Petroleum eating enzymes – Simply natural
Non flammable
completely priced
Free of VOC’s
pH neutral
No more frequent disposals

Water based cleaning solution for biological parts cleaning tanks.
Biological parts cleaner and degreaser is a specially designed developed water -based cleaning solution: this formulation contains bio-cultures which open new dimensions for cleaning capacity and user friendliness.
Biological parts cleaner and degreaser contains selected surfactants to remove oil, grease and other contaminants from parts.
Oil and grease are immediately and biologically transformed by bio-cultures.
Biological parts cleaner and degreaser is a powerful water based cleaner that continually renews itself on the basis of a natural biological process called bio-remediation.
Bio remediation achieves a very long useable life-span of the cleaning agent.