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Biological Grease Trap maintenance & floor cleaner 20 ltr pail ( 5.25 gal)

Natural enzymes eat food fat and grease
CFIA letter of no objection issued
A high perfromance, Biological enzyme-enriched floor cleaner, odor eliminator, and grease digester with a pleasant scent.

It is recommended for use in food service areas, schools, hotels, hospitals, restrooms, and shower rooms.
No rinse is required
The unique chemistry provides cleaning action that brightens surfaces as it cleans and leaves surfaces sparkling clean with a pleasant scent.
It is ideal for cleaning concrete, ceramic tile, quarry tile, grout and brick and rubber mats with flooring machine or mopping.
Inherent biological action continues to clean between regularly scheduled cleanings to help keep grease accumulations to a minimum.
with the added advantage that when the product goes down the drain it carries on working to digest grease and maintain the drain.