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AD3000 – Driples dielectric anti-corrosion barrier film/undercoating lubricant 20 ltr pail ( 5.25 gal ) 22520

  • Contains natural lanolin and wool was.
  • high viscousity creates for a thicker protective film on all indoor and outdoor applications.
  • creeps and wicks into ultrafine tolerances, displacing moisture and oxygen on all surfaces; eliminating rust formation.
  • can be applied over damp or dry surfaces
  • repels and resists water wash out for long term protection.
  • penetrates existing rust to the pores of the base metal.
  • stops rusting on all types of steel.
  • stops oxidizing on aluminium, magnesium and copper.
  • stops pitting on chrome and brass.
  • eliminates the destructive effects of harsh chemicals including salt, calcium chloride and carbolic acids.
  • 100% active ingredients – non hazardous, non toxic, non solvent, non silicone, non flammable as liquid, non chlorinated, non conductive, non drying, non teflon.
  • user friendly.
  • CFIA letter of no objection issued
  • compatible with – rubber, plastic, vinyl, all metals and alloys, painted surfaces, electrical connections, wiring harnesses, carbon surfaces, trim, fibre glass.
  • ideal for coating equipment, machinery, parts and vehicles for extended service life and preventative maintenance.