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Lloyds Laboratories

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AD2000 – super cushion lubricant and corrosion inhibitor 205 Lt drum ( 54.16 gal ) 22045

  • A unique formulation that creeps up, down and sideways to reach and protect hidden surfaces.
  • prevents and deactivates rust on all metal and alloys.
  • maintains equipment, machinery, vehicles and parts when in storage, operation or during shipping.
    displaces moisture, eliminates short circuits caused by condensation.
  • Long term protection for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Does not collect dust, dirt or grimme.
  • Inverted spray valve 360. Effective -20C to 210C
  • CFIA letter of no objection issued
  • User friendly
  • 100% active ingredients – non hazardous, non toxic, non solvent, non sillicone, non flammable as liquid, non chlorinated, non conductive, non drying, non teflon.
  • Compatible with : Rubber, plastic, vinyl, all metals and alloys, painted surfaces, electrical connections, wiring harnesses, carbon surfaces, trim and fibreglass.